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What We Do

Under the body corporate White Peacock Sports Private Limited, three divisions are managed by a single Management Team of Professionals:

  1. WP Badminton Academy
  2. WP Sports Management
  3. WP Sports Shoppe

Badminton Academy

An ideal place to be for Aspiring Badminton Professionals

Our journey was filled with tests and trials. We’re trudging ahead & our endeavor to realize the dreams never runs out of energy.

Head Coaches

The White Peacock Badminton Academy specializes in coaching and instruction for children under all age category. Our academy is Residential & Non-residential. The whole idea of the organisation is to develop players of International Caliber.

The Operations is backed by the International experience of our Advisor and Coach
B.R. Meenakshi, Ekalavya Awardee and International Player and the much-experienced and Ekalavya Awardee N. Shiva Prakash.

International coaches and players are frequently invited to provide guest coaching to students to help improve their technical skills and physical abilities.

Sports Management

Managing Sports, Professionally!!

White Peacock Sports Management mainly deals with managing tournaments and other badminton competitions, as well as maintenance service for shuttle courts.
We also manage tournaments for corporations, tournaments for the public and sport organizations including all levels from sub junior state to senior national level.
We also offer endorsements and tour management services to professional Indian International Badminton players. White Peacock offers excellent service and management experience, whether you are a professional player looking for management services, a corporation wanting to conduct an internal shuttle badminton tournament or a recreational club that wants their badminton courts well maintained.

We are NOT a part of any ‘Association’ or ‘Committee’.

If you intend to associate with us and embark on a challenging yet rewarding journey of organizing tournaments of State, National, International levels then we’d like to hear from you. You could be a Sponsor for the Academy, an upcoming tournament or a Coach willing to join our team or an existing entity of a similar nature as ours for a partnership. We turn Management into an Art. You still argue it’s a skill.

Know in detail. .

Sports Shoppe

Value-Shopping experience!!

Our fundamental cause for setting this Shop is to make available the necessary sporting accessories to the Aspiring Sports Professionals, at reasonable costs.
Best aren’t bought but sought. They make a difference in one’s life.

We are pleased to announce that our Company has partnered with Victor for all the equipment requirements.

Whether you are a child who needs instructions in badminton or a business executive who wants badminton courts that are meticulously maintained, or anyone in between, White Peacock is the right place for you.